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La Petit Best Sellers 7 Meal Plan Overview


The Menu


Lunch: Grilled chicken romesco breasts roasted red pepper sauce


Lunch:  Roasted Harissa shrimp with marvel potatoes and cauliflower gratin. The Harissa and Chermula sauce on the gratin add just the right amount of heat and herby flavor


Lunch: Chargrilled pomegranate and fig salmon with olive and tomato tapenade dip with herbs de Provence risotto and Moroccan ratatouille


Lunch: Juicy peri-peri pork tenderloin with roasted vegetables


Lunch: Chianti braised Aspen Ridge natural beef short ribs with garlic potatoes and char roasted Brussels sprouts


Lunch: Marinated lemon caper piccata hanger steak with garlic potatoes and cauliflower gratin


Lunch: Grilled chicken breasts with artichoke served with za´ atar oven fries and Moroccan ratatuille


The Mediterranean diet is based on the region traditional fruits, vegetables, beans and other legumes, nuts, olive oil, herbs and spices. Other foods like animal proteins are eaten in smaller quantities with preferences to fish and seafood.

That´s how the inhabitants of the Mediterranean region ate circa 1960 when their rate of chronic disease were among the lowest in the world and their life expectancy among the highest, despite having only limited medical services.

And the real Mediterranean diet is about more than just eating fresh wholesome food. Daily physical activity and sharing meals with others were vital elements of their diet.


La Petit Best Sellers Meal plan is eating healthy with delicious foods, based on lean meat, seafood, vegetables, herbs and spices.

Tuesday and Wednesday are seafood and fish days. Beginning with Tunisian roasted harissa (hot chili pepper paste) and chermula (fresh herbs, garlic, lemon and warm spices) shrimp and following day chargrilled pomegranate and fig salmon with olive, tomato tapenade dip, herbs, risotto and ratatouille (zucchini, eggplant, peppers, onions, garlic and tomatoes).

Fishing for better health? Look no further than these seafood meals offered in La Petit Best Sellers Meal plan.

For years we have been hearing about the benefits of eating seafood, particularly when it comes to the connection between omega -3 fatty acids and heart health.

More recently, studies have shown that eating seafood may support brain health too, including reducing incidences of depression and boosting moods. In addition to being a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, seafood also provides selenium, iron, B vitamins, and a host of other valuable nutrients.


Salmon is a flavorful fatty fish that is rich in heart healthy omega -3 fatty acids. Salmon is also a good source of vitamin D, which is important for healthy bones. The daily recommended value of vitamin D is 400 IU for adults and children ages 4 and older.

A 3-ounce serving of salmon contains 570 IU of vitamin D. It´s not easy find naturally occurring vitamin D in a lot of foods (but you can also find it in fortified dairy and non-dairy milks) so salmon is a great choice.


Whether they are medium sized or jumbo, shrimp brings in big benefits. You´ll pick up around 20 grams of protein from just 3-ounces of shrimp and all of your daily selenium needs, which helps support thyroid function, heart health, boost immunity and fight inflammation. Shrimp also provides vitamin B12, choline, copper, iodine and phosphorus.

Yes, they are high in cholesterol, but…There are two kinds of cholesterol. The first is called dietary, which is the cholesterol found in foods. Only foods from animal contain cholesterol, because the animals´ bodies produce it. The second kind of cholesterol is blood or serum cholesterol: this is the cholesterol found in your body. Blood cholesterol is produced by your liver and released into your blood stream.

According to both USDA and American Heart Association state that dietary cholesterol should be limited to no more than 300 mg per day and three ounces of shrimp provides half of that amount.

If you eat animal- based food, the cholesterol you absorb can also contribute to blood cholesterol. However the impact of dietary cholesterol on blood cholesterol has been an issue of debate.

Research shows that high intakes of saturated fat and man-made trans fat have the greatest impact on blood cholesterol. Shrimp is very low in saturated fat and doesn´t contain trans fat – unless it´s been fried or cooked in a way that adds trans  fat. But if you already have high cholesterol, follow the advice of your doctor about dietary cholesterol.

Monday and Sunday is grilled chicken lunch. One day prepared with Catalonian romesco sauce – purée grilled bell peppers, almond butter, sherry vinegar and garlic – and the following day served with artichoke, za´atar (wild thyme and sesame seeds) and ratatouille.

Nutritional value of chicken. According to USDA, chicken (100 g) has moisture (65 g), energy (215 kcal), protein  (18 g), fat (15 g), saturated fat (4 g), cholesterol (75 mg), calcium (11 mg), iron (0.9 mg), magnesium (20 mg), phosphorus (147 mg), potassium (189 mg), sodium (70 mg) and zinc (1.3 mg).

In terms of vitamins, it contains vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, and vitamin K.

High Protein Content

Chicken breast, with 31 grams of protein per 100 grams is one of the best foods for protein. Protein plays  an important role in our diet. It´s made of amino acids, which are the building blocks of our muscles.

Generally, the recommended amount of daily protein requirements is 1 gram per 1 kg  of body weight or 0.4 of protein per pound of body weight. For athletes, the daily requirement of protein is about 0.6 to 0.9 per pound.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday are lean meat luncheons. A particular mention of hangar steak. It´s also known as butcher´s stake – a cut of beef prized for its flavor. A thicker cut within the Short Plate that´s full of flavor with a coarse texture.

Hanger steak provides a low cut of 43 calories in every ounce, and in a 3-ounce serving it will provide 18 grams of protein and a very low count of fat in 6 grams. These nutrition statistics for hanger steak indicate a steak cut that is very low in fat and calories when compared to other steaks, but it´s also in protein, perhaps suggesting a higher water content in this cut of meat.

The density of the other nutrients in this steak, such as the vitamins and minerals may be in slightly lower amounts. However the low fat and calorie content means you can have slightly larger portions of this steak and get the same amount of nutrients.

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