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Product Description: 1 Chicken Kabab/Basmati Rice 1 Eggplant Parmesan / Pasta 1 Mediterranean Tilapia/ Couscous 1 Meatballs with Spaghetti 1 Balsamic Chicken/ Potatoes, Peppers 1 Beef Burger/ Vegs, Potato 1 Herb Baked Chicken/ Vegs, Potatoes 1 Stir Fry Shrimp & Vegs/ Rice 1 Cheese Omelette/ Potatoes 1 Egg Muffins/ Oatmeal Some food items consist of Gluten and Dairy. All our products are prepared where gluten, tree nuts, dairy is commonly used. Please make us aware of your allergies

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My Rating: 9 out of 10


Weekly Meal Box Overview

This meal plan consists of 2 breakfasts and 8- lunch/dinner which can be consumed in the following order

The Menu


Breakfast: Egg muffins/oatmeal

Lunch: Mediterranean tilapia with couscous                                               



Breakfast: Cheese omelette with potatoes

Dinner: Spaghetti with meatballs



Lunch: Balsamic chicken with potatoes, peppers



Lunch: Stir fry Shrimp with vegetables and rice



Lunch: Chicken kabab with basmatic rice



Lunch: Beef burger with vegetables and potatoes

Dinner: Eggplant parmesan with pasta



Lunch: Herb baked chicken with vegetables and potatoes



Each and every day looks just about the same in terms of what I eat. I decided to take a break with routine and tried this weekly meal box with healthy and nutritious food. This is a balanced diet with dairy (cheese) and egg elements, pasta, rice, animal protein (chicken, beef) and vegetables combined.

Also, shrimp – high amount of iodine, a nutrient not found abundant in many other food. Low calories and doesn´t contain any carbs – all of it for the average price of $13.6 per meal.

Tilapia, nicknamed ¨aquatic chicken¨, as the food of pharaohs in ancient times, is relatively low in calories and rich in protein. It has very little fat- 2 to 3 grams per serving, of which less than 0-2 grams is omega- 3s .

As you may have noticed, I repeated chicken dish thrice (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) because it´s an excellent source of high quality protein. Chicken has generally lower fat levels (and particularly saturated fatty acids) compared with other meats.

Many people incorrectly believe chicken doesn´t provide the same density of protein that red meat delivers- the reality is quite different. In fact the protein content of all meats (chicken, beef, lamb, and pork) is almost identical- around 22% of raw lean trimmed meat cuts.

I have also included pasta twice (Tuesday and Saturday) because of the wheat kernel of the bran and germ. This refined pasta is enriched with B vitamins and iron. Pasta is high in carbs which can be bad for you if consumed in large amounts. But it has the opposite effect if you are the athletic type – best carbohydrate for runners.

Beware Amazon Fresh mentions that all these products are prepared where gluten, tree nuts, dairy is commonly used for those suffering from food allergies. If you don´t have an account with Amazon Fresh you can get it on this website

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